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Marketing Essentials
Marketing Essentials SE
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Recommended Primary
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July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2020
Independent Evaluation
The content aligns with grade level Core standards, is current, well-reseached and referenced from reliable sources. Textbook contains a good Selling Unit. The text is complex and challenging, engages learners from various skill levels and provides scaffolding for all students. The teacher's edition has great materials but requires teachers to sift through what to use. It is hard to find where to start but once the learning curve is mastered, the application is wonderful and stays consistent. The content contains directions that are clear and understandable but the textbook can be busy making it hard to find where to start for students and teachers. 

Textbook is free from bias and can be used for all students. It is free from advertising, e-commerce or political interest. The textbook is in compliance with the law and community standards. The text is easily updated and adaptable for teacher and student use in individual or group settings. The text meets the requirements of federal and state laws and accepted technical standards. 

The pedogogy interaction provides high quality audio-visual and tactile experiences for all users. Tabs are good to walk teachers through steps and what to do. Each chapter contains graphic organizers  and offers exceptional references as supplemental resources.

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