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Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
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July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2019
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Fashion: Marketing and Merchandising is a comprehensive text that covers a variety of topics and is well aligned with Fashion Merchandising but could also be used to teach Fashion Strategies. Even with the upcoming changes in the core, this text should still adequately meet the needs for Fashion Strategies, Fashion Merchandising and Advanced Merchandising classes. The text addresses Basic Fashion and Business Concepts, Textile and Apparel Building Blocks, Designing and Producing Apparel, Retail~Business Fundamentals, Strategies for Retail Success, Fashion Promotion, Fashion Business in Today's World, and Your Future in the Fashion Industry. 

Information found in this book is current and in-depth. The graphics and photos are up to date and engaging. There are a variety of charts and graphs that improve understanding of the text. The sections on textiles and careers are especially well done. The caution to consider when adopting this book is that it is written more to a college than a high school audience. It will be challenging reading for some of the freshmen and sophomores that might be enrolled. Also to consider - information on fashion history is minimal and will need some supplementation. 

A companion student workbook was available for review. It consists mostly of fill in the blank worksheets and puzzles which encourage review and retention but do not challenge application or higher order thinking. 


Fashion Merchandising (pdf)
Fashion Merchandising (pdf)

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