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AP Physics 1: Algebra Based
Physics 10e AP Edition
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January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2020
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Please refer to the College Board reviews for this textbook, as it is meant for an AP Physics course.

This textbook is ordered traditionally for a College Physics course and not ordered as "AP Physics 1" and "AP Physics 2".  Both of these curriculums are covered in this textbook as well as other concepts (i.e. relativity, black-body radiation, etc.).  Teachers should review the AP Board's approved curriculum before using this textbook, so that they know which chapters coincide with each separate course's curriculum.

The chapters are understandable for the advanced student that would be using this book.  The example problems in the chapter are adequate, but could be better organized and more descriptive.  The graphics in the book (both in the chapters and in the end-of-chapter reviews) are rather plain.  They could be more interesting and more desriptive.  

The end-of-chapter practice include both "Focus on Concepts" and "Problems", but they are not completely in the book.  Many of the problems are only found online and are skipped in the textbook.  For example, the textbook may only include problems #2, 4, 5, 8, 10, etc.  The other problems are only available online. The problems assess understanding of concepts, but some of the problems are worded very awkardly.
Student textbook includes answers to the odd problems and solutions to many problems are found online.  This online resourse was not reviewed.  

The appendices near the end of the textbook are quite~good.  There are reviews for Geometry and Trigonometry, as well as Algebra concepts (including exponents, logrithms, and scientific notation).  There is also a table for nuclear physics that includes half-lives, atomic mass, and other useful information.

Teachers should review the AP curriculum so they know which chapters and sections are included in the course they are teaching.

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