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Geography for Life
Understanding World Regional Geography 1e HSB
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Recommended Teacher Resource
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January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2021
Independent Evaluation
The green highlights are hard to see and the green and yellow highlights are confusing to the reader.  Key terms should be the same color in the review as in the text and have greater contrast.  The self-tests are an excellent concept, but the answers should be placed in the back of the book rather than below the tests.  Many of the maps and graphs are difficult to read and hard to understand.  The concepts and ideas are presented in such a dense text way that would confuse and frustrate almost~any age or level of student.  It does not also follow the Utah State Core Curriculum in a layout that makes sense to understanding the curriculum.  Some of the photographs give some good information, but many of the infographics are both confusing and not well done.  This book seems scattered and very difficult to compare the inforamtion from one region to another.  The lack of vivid colors in both the maps and graphs make it very difficult to read and gather information from them.
This book would not be good for any level for student use.

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