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Business Management
Contmporary Business 17e HSB w/6yr WLY ETXT(HS) Set
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July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2022
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ISBN: ISBN 9781119413820                       Title: Contemporary Business 17e

Publisher: Wiley			Date: 4th April 2018

Rating: ___X__Primary  _____Limited  ____Teacher Resource  ____Student Resource  ____Not Reviewed  ____Not Sampled  ____Not Recommended

The statements below are arranged in ordered value, with the statement listed first ranked high and the last statement in the group ranked low.  Reviewers select from these statements for the review and add comments in the Notes and Narrative area for each section.


__X___The content of this resource aligns with appropriate grade level Core standards, is current, well-researched, and referenced from reliable sources.
_____The content of this resource aligns with most grade level core standards, but will need supplementary materials to insure coverage of all the objectives for this course.
_____The content of this resource aligns with a few grade level core standards for a portion of the course.
_____The content of this resource does not align with standards and objectives for this course.

__X__Scaffolding supports for these materials are complex and challenging, engage learners from various skill levels and provide assistance for all students to enhance conceptual understanding; and offer opportunities for students to share evidence and research.
_____Scaffolding supports for these materials engage learners from various skill levels and provides assistance for students to enhance conceptual understanding.
_____Scaffolding supports for these materials engage learners from various skill levels.
_____Scaffolding supports for these materials do not engage learners from various skill levels or provide scaffolding to enhance conceptual understanding.

__X__This resource contains directions that are clear and understandable and are easy to navigate through.
_____The instructions in this resource are unclear and navigation is difficult.

Content Notes and Narrative:

The textbook meets or exceeds the expectations stated in the Strands and Standards for the course. The cost of the text is very high which is weakness for most schools. Nothing is missing and it might be considered too much materials.


Bias Free
__X__This material is free from bias and can be used by all students regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or disability, and is free from advertising, e-commerce or political interest, and is in compliance with the law and community standards.
_____This series or title has material that may be interpreted as bias or promoting a commercial or political agenda, or may be considered to treat some groups unfairly.
_____This series or title has material that is clearly biased and favors a point of view that may be distracting to the educational experience of students.

__X__Instructional materials in this resource are easily updated and adaptable for teacher and student use in individualized or group instructional settings, and are accessible for an appropriate time period to facilitate a proper learning environment for all students.
_____Instructional materials in this resource have some features which are adaptable and are available for an acceptable time period.
_____Instructional materials in this resource are not adaptable or easily incorporated into a variety of educational settings.

Technical Standards
__X___This curriculum meets the requirements of federal and state laws and accepted technical standards. Technical specifications and limitations, including hardware requirements, bandwidth demands, and software and web access restrictions are adequately described and noted, and allow for error free installation and use without purchase of additional components.
_____This curriculum is limited by specifications that may require additional materials or technical assistance, or additional hardware, software, or infrastructure.

Accessibility Notes and Narrative:

The textbook is very organized and presents information or links to needed information or requirements. There is a not a syllabus, however there are online support material on Wiley's website. The online~materials were not reviewed.


Physical Characteristics
__X__In physical terms, this resource is durable, interactive, and provides high quality audio-visual and tactile experiences for all users.
_____In physical terms, this resource~is somewhat fragile in construction and provides limited tactile experiences for students.
_____In physical terms, this resource is designed to be disposable and temporary.
Instructional Support
__X__This curriculum provides adequate instructional support and clear requirements for the instructor.
______This curriculum does not provide adequate support for the instructor.

Supplemental Resources
__X__Provided materials reference numerous available supplemental resources.
_____Provided materials reference some available supplemental resources.
_____Provided materials do not refer to other supplemental resources.

__X__These instructional resources contain a variety of formative and summative assessments that are aligned with core objectives, provide appropriate intervention strategies, and lead to observable performance and real-world experience.
_____These instructional resources contain a limited number of assessments without intervention strategies.
_____These instructional resources do not provide assessment materials.

Pedagogy  Notes and Narrative:

The textbook meets or exceeds the necessary materials to support the course. Assessments were available, however electronic copies are online. There~are supplemental resources, but were not completely reviewed for the course. This is a very complete and well written textbook, the material is extensive.

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