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Chemistry (9-12)
Foundations of College Chemistry 15e HSB w/1yr WLY ETXT Set
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January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2022
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ISBN: 9781119444763                    Title: Foundations of College Chemistry

Publisher: Wiley                Date: 10/11/2017


 Alignment: The content of this resource aligns with appropriate grade level Core standards, is current, well-researched, and referenced from reliable sources.

Scaffolding: Scaffolding supports for these materials are complex and challenging, engage learners from various skill levels and~provide assistance for all students to enhance conceptual understanding; and offer opportunities for students to share evidence and research.

Navigation: This resource contains directions that are clear and understandable and are easy to navigate~through.

Narrative: The mathematics support of this book is good.  Many textbooks assume that students have the mathematical background, but this book specifically teaches the mathematical skills needed to be successful in chemistry.  For example, dimensional analysis is specifically taught as a less, and it is not just assumed that students can perform needed conversions.  The online support materials allows you to personalize materials and get individual feedback.  Online material is set up to give immediate feedback for practice problems and other assessments.  When used with the online content, the scaffolding of this book is really good and allows teachers and students to personalize learning.  This book has a comprehensive index and glossary.  The content taught in this textbook is very logically sequenced.  The end of chapter review has "review questions", "paired exercises", and "additional exercises" "challenge exercises" to tier the assessments for various learning levels.  These questions vary from simple recall questions to deeper application and mathematical questions and are tiered very well.


Bias Free: This material is free from bias and can be used by all students regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, and is free from advertising, e-commerce or political interest, and is in compliance with the law and community standards.

Adaptability: Instructional materials in this resource are easily updated and adaptable for teacher and student use in individualized or group instructional settings, and are accessible for an appropriate time period to facilitate a proper learning environment for all students.

Technical Standards: This curriculum meets the requirements of federal and state laws and accepted technical standards. Technical specifications and limitations, including hardware requirements, bandwidth demands, and software and web access restrictions are adequately described and noted, and allow for error free installation and use without purchase of additional components.

 Narrative: This book is available on the web and has many online support material, but the textbook is comprehensive without the online materials.  The online materials make it accessible to a wide variety of students.  

The graphics in this text are good.  The graphics support the material and are appropriate.  For example, most pictures that are of people are historical pictures.  The few pictures that are not historical pictures are not biased.  


Physical Characteristics: In physical terms, this resource is durable, interactive, and provides high quality audio-visual and tactile experiences for all users.

Instructional Support: This curriculum provides~adequate instructional support and clear requirements for the instructor.

Supplemental Resources: Provided materials reference numerous available supplemental resources.

Narrative: The online support material with this textbook is especially good. There are online resources for both students and teachers.  All of the instructional support provided for review is online.  There may be a "teacher edition" textbook, but that was not provided for review.  The teacher online resources have PHET~simulations, gradebook resources, downloadable e-textbook, personalized practice questions, interactive assignments, support videos, assigned readings, and so much more. The online resources are very easy for teachers to navigate and are separated by topic.

Rating: Recommended Primary


Chemistry (9-12) (pdf)
Chemistry (9-12) (pdf)

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