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AP Psychology
Psychology in Action 11e HSB w/1yr WLY ETXT Set
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January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2022
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ISBN: 9781119445685					Title: Psychology in Action 11th Edition

Publisher: Wiley				Date: 10/11/2017


 Alignment: The content of this resource aligns with appropriate grade level Core standards, is current, well-researched, and referenced from reliable sources.
Scaffolding: Scaffolding supports for these materials engage learners from various skill levels and provides assistance for students to enhance conceptual understanding.
Navigation: This resource contains directions that are clear and understandable and are easy to navigate through.
Narrative: The textbook appears to meet the CollegeBoard objectives for AP Psychology, although perhaps not directly written to address these objectives.  It is sufficiently detailed throughout.  While it provides many diagrams, pictures, charts, graphs and activities to enhance student learning, many key visual diagrams are small or difficult to read and understand.  
While this book is being promoted as an AP text, it is clearly designed for a college course, as it refers to the assumed reader of the text as a college student. While that is not a major concern, it is worth noting in regards to the assumed maturity level of the reader. 
The text has material dealing with human sexuality--including reproduction, contraception, sexual practices, sexual orientation and sexual disorders, which extends beyond the National Standards and the CollegeBoard requirements. Districts and schools should consider local standards before adopting this book. 


Bias Free: This series or title has material that may be loosely interpreted as bias or promoting a commercial or political agenda, or may be considered~to treat some groups unfairly.
Adaptability: Instructional materials in this resource have some features which are adaptable and are available for an acceptable time period.
Technical Standards: This curriculum meets the requirements of federal and state laws and accepted technical standards. Technical specifications and limitations, including hardware requirements, bandwidth demands, and software and web access restrictions are adequately described and noted, and allow for error free installation and use without purchase of additional components.
 Narrative: The online resources provided include testbanks, quizzes, slideshows, practice review games, flashcards, interactive discussions, gradebook, etc. 
The text may have some topics that would be considered in violation of standards for teaching human sexuality.  Districts considering this text should review the depth and breadth of conversation regarding human sexuality, as it includes reproduction, contraception, sexual practices, sexual orientation and sexual disorders.


Physical Characteristics: In physical terms, this resource is durable, interactive, but provides less than high quality audio-visual and tactile experiences for all users.
Instructional Support: This curriculum provides adequate instructional support and clear requirements for the instructor.
Supplemental Resources: Provided materials reference some available supplemental resources.
Narrative: While the construction of the text appears durable, and the content of the book is sufficient, the overall visual appeal is lacking.  The font is small and dense, many key diagrams and images are small and cumbersome. The text generally has a dated feel.

Rating: Recommended Teacher Resource

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