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A.P. Calculus (AB) (10-12)
Calculus 7e AP Edition w/1yr WLY ETXT(HS) Set
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Recommended Primary
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January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2022
Independent Evaluation
Focus and Coherence 
Rating levels: (Meets/Does not Meet/Insufficient Evidence)
Non-Negotiable: Materials must focus coherently on the Major Work of the grade in a way that is consistent with the progressions in the Standards.
•	__X___Students and teachers using the materials as designed devote the majority of time to the Major Work of the grade.
•	_X____Supporting Work enhances focus and coherence simultaneously by also engaging students in the Major Work of the grade.
•	__X___Materials follow the grade-by-grade progressions in the Standards. Content from previous or future grades does not unduly interfere with on-grade- level content in lessons or assessments.
•	_X____Lessons that only include mathematics from previous grades are clearly identified.
Must meet Focus and Coherence to be recommended as a primary resource. 
*If the materials do not meet the non-negotiable requirements for Focus and Coherence, do not recommend the materials as a primary resource. Please continue with the review to determine if the materials may be recommended for supplemental use. 
Rigor and Balance 
Rating levels: (Meets=Y/Partially Meets=P/Does not Meet=N)
Alignment Criterion 1: Materials must reflect the balances in the Standards and help students meet the Standards’ rigorous expectations.
•	_Y____ The materials support the development of students’ conceptual understanding of key mathematical concepts, especially where called for in specific content standards or cluster headings.
•	_Y____The materials are designed so that students attain the fluencies and procedural skills required by the Standards.
•	__Y___The materials are designed so that teachers and students spend sufficient time working with applications, without losing focus on the Major Work of each grade. (Are there single- and multi-step contextual problems that develop the mathematics of the grade, afford opportunities for practice, and engage students in problem solving? 
Standards for Mathematical Practice 
Rating levels: (Meets=Y/Partially Meets=P/Does not Meet=N)
Alignment Criterion 2: Materials must authentically connect content standards and practice standards.
•	_Y____Materials address the practice standards in such a way as to enrich the Major Work of the grade; practice standards strengthen the focus on Major Work instead of detracting from it, in both teacher and student materials.
•	_P____Tasks and assessments of student learning are designed to provide evidence of students’ proficiency in the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
•	_Y____Materials support the Standards’ emphasis on mathematical reasoning. 
Access to the Standards for All Students 
Rating levels: (Meets=Y/Partially Meets=P/Does not Meet=N)
Alignment Criterion 3: Materials must provide supports for English Language Learners and other special populations.
•	_P____Support for English Language Learners and other special populations is thoughtful (evidence-based) and helps those students meet the same Standards (and rigor) as all other students. The language in which problems are posed is carefully considered.
•	__Y___Materials provide scaffolding, differentiation, intervention, and support for a broad range of learners with gradual removal of supports, when needed, to allow students to demonstrate their mathematical understanding independently.
•	__P___Design of lessons incorporates strategies such as using multiple representations, deconstructing/reconstructing the language of problems, providing suggestions for addressing common student difficulties, etc. to ensure grade-level progress for all learners.
Rating levels: (Meets=Y/Partially Meets=P/Does not Meet=N)
Alignment Criteria 4: Materials include appropriate assessment~
•	_Y____Multiple measurements of individual student progress occur at regular intervals ensuring success of all students.
•	_Y____Assessments measure what students understand and can do through well designed mathematical tasks and applications. 

_X____ Recommended Primary  _____Recommended Limited  _____Teacher Resource  _____Student Resource  _____ Not Recommended  _____ Not Reviewed  _____ Not Sampled

Reviewer Comments
The interactive online tools supplement the textbook with practice problems, projects, and solutions.  Includes deeper depth of knowledge questions (strengthen your understanding).


A.P. Calculus (AB) (10-12) (pdf)
A.P. Calculus (AB) (10-12) (pdf)

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