Recommended Instructional Materials System RIMS

Business Management and Admin Services Courses

Course Description #
Academy of Finance Academy of Finance 1
Accounting Advanced Accounting Advanced 3
Accounting I Accounting I 8
Accounting II Accounting II 2
Accounting II CE Accounting II CE 2
Advanced Business Web Page Design Advanced Business Web Page Design 1
Advncd Business WebPage Design CE Advncd Business WebPage Design CE 1
Business & Marketing Capstone Business & Marketing Capstone 6
Business Communication I Business Communication I 5
Business Communication I CE Business Communication I CE 1
Business Communication II Business Communication II 2
Business Law Business Law 3
Business Law CE Business Law CE 1
Business Management Business Management 5
Business Office Specialist Business Office Specialist 32
Business Office Specialist CE Business Office Specialist CE 12
Business Web Page Design Business Web Page Design 3
Business Web Page Design CEl Business Web Page Design CEl 1
Computer Technology Computer Technology 50
Computer Technology CE Computer Technology CE 8
Desktop Publishing I Desktop Publishing I 4
Desktop Publishing I CE Desktop Publishing I CE 2
Desktop Publishing II Desktop Publishing II 5
Desktop Publishing II CE Desktop Publishing II CE 3
Digital Business Applications Digital Business Applications 5
Digital Literacy Digital Literacy 26
Economics Economics 6
Elementary Keyboarding Elementary Keyboarding 10
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship 6
Entrepreneurship CE Entrepreneurship CE 1
Exploring Business and Marketing Exploring Business and Marketing 18
Integrated Business Pgm (IBP) CE Integrated Business Pgm (IBP) CE 3
Keyboarding Applications Keyboarding Applications 12
Keyboarding Applications CE Keyboarding Applications CE 2
Keyboarding I Keyboarding I 6
Word Processing Word Processing 22
Word Processing - Basics Word Processing - Basics 11
Word Processing - Basics CE Word Processing - Basics CE 2
Word Processing CE Word Processing CE 4