Recommended Instructional Materials System RIMS

Family and Consumer Sciences Courses

Course Description #
Adult Roles & Financial Literacy Adult Roles & Financial Literacy 3
Adult Roles & Responsibilities Adult Roles & Responsibilities 5
Adult Roles&Financial Literacy CE Adult Roles&Financial Literacy CE 1
Apparel Design & Production I Apparel Design & Production I 1
Apparel Design & Production II Apparel Design & Production II 1
Child Development Child Development 5
Culinary Arts Culinary Arts 6
Culinary Arts CE Culinary Arts CE 1
Early Childhood Edu I Early Childhood Edu I 4
Early Childhood Edu II Early Childhood Edu II 1
FACS Exploration FACS Exploration 2
Fashion Design Studio Fashion Design Studio 2
Food and Nutrition I Food and Nutrition I 7
Food and Nutrition II Food and Nutrition II 2
Interior Design I Interior Design I 2
Interior Design II Interior Design II 1
Life Management Life Management 3
Occupational Experiences (FC) Occupational Experiences (FC) 1