Recommended Instructional Materials System RIMS

Administration and Supervision Courses

Course Description #
Biotechnology Biotechnology 6
Dental Assistant Dental Assistant 2
Exercise Science / Sports Medicine Exercise Science / Sports Medicine 1
Intro to Health Science Intro to Health Science 7
Medical Anatomy & Physiology Medical Anatomy & Physiology 8
Medical Assistant Medical Assistant 4
Medical Assistant CE Medical Assistant CE 2
Medical Forensics Medical Forensics 1
Medical Math Medical Math 1
Medical Office Admin Assistant CE Medical Office Admin Assistant CE 1
Medical Office Administrative Assistant Medical Office Administrative Assistant 2
Medical Records Technician Medical Records Technician 1
Medical Records Technician CE Medical Records Technician CE 1
Medical Terminology Medical Terminology 12
Medical Terminology CE Medical Terminology CE 2
Medical Transcriptionist Medical Transcriptionist 1
Medical Transcriptionist CE Medical Transcriptionist CE 1
Nurse Assistant (CNA) Nurse Assistant (CNA) 2
Nurse Assistant (CNA) CE Nurse Assistant (CNA) CE 1
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Technician 8
Pharmacy Technician CE Pharmacy Technician CE 1
Surgical Technology Surgical Technology 1